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"The first time I worked with Fumi, she wanted to capture the teenage punks who hung out at Tompkins Square Park in New York. The shoot was completely improvised. We worked at night and I had to dress kids in the dark, with clothes from a laundry bag. Just a few days before, Fumi had befriended one of the teenagers on the street, who then introduced us to his friends. That's what's so very special about Fumi's approach to casting: she always handpicks each of her subjects herself, mostly from the streets of New York, Tokyo and Berlin. She's never been interested in a classic, or obvious kind of beauty. Instead Fumi prefers to dig a little deeper and find beauty in something far more unexpected. Looking back at the first shoot we worked on nine years ago, it felt fun and naive, but was fueled by a very rare honesty. She wanted to document real punk kids in New York, rather than shoot a staged version of 'punk' in a studio. That's what made the resulting images so magical.

The subjects of Fumi's photographs are sometimes awkward, and at other times totally relaxed and self assured. Either way, her images are always powerful and full of emotion."

- Robbie Spencer, Creative Director, Dazed & Confused From the Foreword for "Untitled Youth" by Fumi Nagasaka