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Music composer Nicolas Leau hails from the small coastal town of La Rochelle in France. Since childhood, music has resonated within him.

As a teen, Leau began composing under the rock project PLUAH/ELUAH, who performed regularly at Agnes B in Paris. Self-educated, his influences range from classical composers to experimental rock figures Sonic Youth, pioneering grunge rock band Nirvana and the highly elusive electronic duo Boards of Canada.

Using real instruments and a vast collection of modern and vintage synthesizers, Nicolas prefers these analog methods in lieu of computer-generated sounds when composing. His versatility as a composer is evident in his range of musical styles and ability to create deep emotional connections with his audience.

Nicolas's original music is featured in television commercials, advertising video campaigns, fashion films, documentaries and runway shows. His moody, lo-fi electronic score for Edun's Summer 2017 fashion video was nominated for the International Music+ Sound Awards for Best Original Composition in Branding and Indents.

Nicolas currently lives in Mexico City.



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