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Valerio Spada lives between New York and Milan. His work is exhibited, collected, and published internationally.

On September 2011, Time magazine announced his first self-published book Gomorrah Girl to win the Grand Prize PBN Photography Book Now 2011 as Best Book of the Year, nominated by a panel of eleven international judges, among them Darius Himes, Steve McCurry, and Gerry Badger. Gomorrah Girl was nominated in various Best Book of the Year 2011 Lists, Joerg Colberg (USA), Rob Honstra (Holland), Marc Feustel (Eyecurious, France), Photo Eye with four nominations by John Gossage, Horacio Fernandez, Darius Himes, and Gerry Badger.

In 2013, he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in support of his work exposing the hardships of those living in the impoverished parts of Italy.



SF MoMA, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, USA - The Impact of the Guggenheim Fellowship on the History of Photography, TBA

2020 Milella, Spada, Vitali per il 600esimo anniversario del Duomo di Firenze, Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Firenze, TBA


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